EB Consults is a New York City-based PR & Digital agency founded in 2015. Specializing in public relations, brand building, social media strategy and media innovation, EB Consults works with clients to develop, celebrate and communicate their unique brand story through cohesive messaging across all platforms. Our extensive influencer network encompasses fashion, beauty, hospitality, music, styling, production and entertainment, providing a wellspring of invaluable connections and opportunities.  

Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in order to help our clients navigate the shifting trend toward digital media & marketing. We recognize that consumers are moving to their screens not only to get their news and find out what’s cool, but also to shop. Our methods combine traditional PR tactics with digital brand communications, securing placements both online and print. Brands & personalities need to be in the know, and we know how to make that happen. It’s one of our major strengths.

About EB Consults Founder: Emily Bungert

Emily Bungert has worked in fashion PR and show production for nearly two decades in New York City and Los Angeles. She has managed numerous PR campaigns, events, brand launches and fashion shows all over the world. She has also handled PR, talent and media for multiple celebrity magazine cover launches as well as marketing & celebrity events at music festivals across the US.